This was made to share frozen moments of eternal memories on your wall, because that's what we are.

From Argentina, I travelled to Costa Rica, living my first experience outside my confort zone, challenging myself every single day. I've never seen such amazing nature like in this place. Indescribable sunsets, monkeys walking above you, the ocean just crossing the street full of palm trees.

A year after I travelled to México, beautiful country that I felt in love. People and their culture make it so unique. Biggest waves that I've seen so far. I made the most incredible friendships. It will keep always in my heart.

And finally Australia, after 5 years of planning it, here I am telling my story through my pictures, showing my love for the ocean.


All the prints are assembled with dedication, from the photo itself, the frames, to the packaging details.

The production is made by number of order, so can take 1 or 2 business day to get them ready, depending of the amount of orders.